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Jack Dee & Seann Walsh's
Weekly Dog Podcast
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Oh My Dog! is Jack Dee & Seann Walsh's weekly podcast all about their relationships with their beloved dogs. Meet Jack's streetwise long haired chihuahua, Dolly, and Seann's spirited cockapoo, Mildred-Barrett. Each week, they're joined by equally dog-obsessed guests like Jonathan Ross, Sara Cox and Julian Clary. Be prepared for this podcast to reveal a very different, more cuddly, side of themselves and their guests. If you love comedy and dogs then this is the place for you.


About The podcast

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About Me

Jack Dee & Seann Walsh brought Oh My Dog to the stage in London with Producer Sara and our Dog Expert Simon Parry-Moreno. There was live music from the composer of Oh My Dog's theme, Darren Beckett, and Louis Van Der Westhuizen. See the photos (and clips to come) of this hilarious event.



OMD Pod's Spotify Playlist

Once you've listened to the show, check out Jack & Seann's eclectic dog-themed playlist. What would you add? Tell us and we'll add the best ones!

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